Florida Judge Questions Tickets in Red Light Camera Debate

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A Broward judge has ruled that law enforcement officers cannot ticket drivers for running red lights.

It’s another piece of legal wrangling in the ongoing dispute over red light cameras. County Judge Fred Berman recently ruled that tickets for running red lights are unconstitutional when issued by an officer because the fine is higher than fines imposed on drivers caught running through lights on camera.

Drivers are fined about $260 in officer-issued citations, while camera-issued violations are $158.

Attorney Ted Hollander said Berman’s ruling sets a legal precedent for judges hearing officer-issued tickets in Broward County. He represented a driver cited by a Davie officer.

Officials said the ruling doesn’t change the law just yet.

A spokeswoman said Florida’s attorney general will appeal the ruling.

Article originally published 6/10/2011.

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