Florida Homeowners ask, “How do I take inventory of my personal property in the event of a claim?”

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Florida Homeowners Insurance

This is one of the most common questions asked of Focus Insurance Group when discussing coverage with a client.  Every Florida homeowner asks their Florida Insurance Company, “How do I take inventory of my personal property in the event of a claim?” to make sure they are properly protected in the event of a claim and that their personal property will be replaced with no hassle from their Florida Insurance company.

One of the best ways to properly protect yourself is to take a photo inventory of the belongings in your home.  Now, Focus Insurance Group is not telling you to photograph every item in the house.  We wouldn’t want you to delete pictures of your children to make room for 400 pictures of every item in your home.  What I have done, as a homeowner myself, is take a couple of photos of each room in my home.  This does not take up much room on my digital camera, nor did it take me very long.  I store my camera in a fire-proof box in my home.  Some of my clients also store their photos online, using such websites as Facebook.

For those of you with a concern for a particular item, not only would a photo of the item help, but a receipt for a high value item from a retailer will bring you some piece of mind.  Also, if you purchased your item via credit or debit card, your bank will have a record of your purchase for a very long time.

While it is not necessary to keep an inventory of items in your home, a few minutes taking photos could save you time and a headache in the event of a claim.  For questions, please call Focus Insurance Group at 813-712-4191.

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