Florida Home Insurance and the Flood Insurance Exclusion

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Most Florida Homeowners are unaware that their policies do not cover damages caused by flood.  Damage to property caused by flooding are covered through flood policies offered through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Focus Insurance Group offers such policies, with rates starting at $129 per year. 

Preferred Risk Policies are available to those whose homes are located in moderate-to-low risk areas (B, C, and X Zones).  Peferred Risk Policies are available for residential or non-residential buildings also located in these zones, and that meet eligibility requirements based on the building’s entire flood loss history. 

Those Florida Homeowners who are in a Special Flood Hazard Area may pay a higher rate for their flood coverage, but that is not always the case.  A flood elevation survey could help lower your rates significantly.  Regardless of your flood zone, we recommend that every homeowner obtain flood coverage if it is affordable.

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