Business Insurance (AKA General Liability)

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Business Insurance (AKA General Liability)

As a Florida Insurance Company, I’ve noticed over the past few months that many small business owners do not carry insurance.  Among the reasons they mention for not carrying it are:

1.  It must be expensive

2.  I don’t know where to get it

3.  I don’t think I need it

Many Florida Insurance Companies  offer general liability insurance for businesses.  Asking the fellow business owners in your neighborhood, networking group or inner circle is always a great place to start.  Focus Insurance Group insures many local businesses for relatively low-cost.  For example, most home based business owners pay just $250-$300 per year for $1 million in coverage.

Each business pays a different price for their insurance based on several factors.  Those include the businesses gross yearly receipts, type of business, business location and the # of employees, among several other factors as well.  For example, we happen to insure several self-employed handymen who pay between $500-$600 per year for their insurance.  These small business owners want protection in the event a claim is filed against them by a homeowner whose home they are fixing.  Sometimes is makes more sense to be sure you are insured and covering any liability that might occur.

Obtaining a quote is easy and painless. Talk to your Florida Insurance Company about coverage and prices or feel free to give Focus Insurance Group a call at 813-712-4191 to discuss insuring your business.

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