Got a ticket? Here how to keep it off of your license

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Got a ticket?  Here how to keep it off of your license

Are you a driver in the state of Florida?  Have you been caught speeding?  Did you run a stop sign?  Are you a Florida driver who is now afraid this occurrence is going to increase your insurance rates?

Then go to traffic school.

As a Florida Auto Insurance Company, I know how it sounds.  Who has time to sit in a class for several hours?  It is much easier to just pay the ticket.  Plus, you are probably thinking that it must be expensive to take a driving class.

Being in the Auto Insurance Industry for years now as Focus Insurance Group, please know that just paying the ticket is a bad idea.  That ticket will go on your driver’s license and could stay on your record for 5 years. If your Florida Insurance Company runs your driving record, it can and most likely will increase your insurance premiums.  If you try to switch insurance companies, the ticket will prevent you from getting the best rate possible in any state.

As far as traffic school is concerned, I’ve seen (and yes I even admit taken one) that costs $7.95 online.  There are some other between $10 – $20 online if you want a web site class with bells and whistles.  There is also one that will give you tickets to a comedy club upon completion of their online course.  Plus, these courses only take 4 hours and can be done in the privacy of your home at any time.  In the long run, it’s definitely worth the extra $8 and 4 hours of your time to potentially save your from paying hundreds more on your car insurance.

Do not hesitate to contact Focus Insurance Group if you have any questions regarding traffic violations and how they can affect your insurance rates.

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