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Got a ticket? Here how to keep it off of your license

Got a ticket?  Here how to keep it off of your license

Are you a driver in the state of Florida?  Have you been caught speeding?  Did you run a stop sign?  Are you a Florida driver who is now afraid this occurrence is going to increase your insurance rates? Then go to traffic school. As a Florida Auto Insurance Company, I know how it sounds.  Who has time to sit in a class for several hours?  It is much easier to just pay the ticket.  Plus, you are...

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Rising Auto Insurance Rates

A conversation recently took place amongst my neighbors who reside in Hillsborough County, Florida.  One neighbor saw her auto insurance policy increase almost $500 annually.  She was told by her Florida insurance company that they took a statewide increase due to rising costs and claims payouts.  While this is true, to someone not employed in the Florida insurance industry, it does seem like a...

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New Florida PIP rules and how they affect you

You may have heard many commercials recently informing you that you have to file a claim for your Florida auto insurance policies’ personal injury protection (PIP) coverage within 14 days of an automobile accident.  Most of these commercials are from attorneys who are against the new legislation, not the Florida Insurance Companies.  So let’s explore one of the aspects of the bill...

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Car Insurance Explained

Read more about Florida Car Insurance to make an informed decision regarding coverage.

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Gov. Scott to Florida Insurance Agents: There’s More Work Ahead

Speaking at the Florida Association of Insurance Agents Annual Convention and Education Symposium, Scott laid out his perspective on the state of the state’s insurance environment. At the top of his agenda is his ongoing to push to depopulate Citizens Property Insurance Corp. that now has 1.45 million policyholders. “It has $500 billion in risk; why you would ever do this makes zero sense,” said...

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No-fault auto insurance bill touted by Gov. Rick Scott has major gap

By Charles Elmore and John Kennedy Palm Beach Post Staff Writers TALLAHASSEE — In their haste to meet one of Gov. Rick Scott’s top priorities, Florida lawmakers left a glaring, potentially multimillion-dollar pothole in legislation revamping the state’s no-fault auto insurance. Scott had called the bill recasting the state’s fraud-filled personal injury protection system one of...

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